Operational Model


The National Institute for Rocket Propulsion Systems (NIRPS) is operating primarily as a virtual organization, drawing on the resources and capabilities of the nation’s rocket propulsion industrial base. NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center is currently serving as the host organization for NIRPS.  Marshall has formed a core team to perform the initial strategic planning and organizational formulation of the Institute, coordinate the strategy teams, and manage NIRPS activities for the NASA Program, Planning and Budget Execution (PPBE) Process.  As the host organization, Marshall is honored to be a part of the creation and execution of this important Institute to advance U.S. leadership in all aspects of rocket propulsion for defense, civil, and commercial uses.

Operating as a collaborative  organization, NIRPS leverages the knowledge and capabilities of government agencies that require rocket propulsion and support research, the industrial base that provides the development and manufacturing capabilities, and academia, which ensures a continuous supply of skilled workers.

If you are interested in partnership opportunities or would like more information regarding the National Institute for Rocket Propulsion Systems (NIRPS) please email nirpsinfo@nirps.gov.